Increase The Value of Wellness Programs

Holistic wellness programs have become more popular than ever among organizations, and it’s easy to see why: a workforce that’s healthy, happy, and engaged provides a formidable competitive advantage.

However, wellness programs have also been criticized for their perceived lack of effectiveness. The most common complaint is that most participants, while tending to start off strong, eventually revert to old habits and fail to see any long-term benefits from their programs.

The answer, according to a study by Cigna¹, may be to pair a wellness program with a strong incentives program. According to their data, employees who were offered health engagement incentives were 6 times more likely to meet a healthy BMI target and 5 times more likely to have healthy blood pressure levels.

Cigna’s study primarily looked at programs that offered financial rewards as incentives like gift cards, lower healthcare premiums, and HSA contributions.

Article Source: Wellable

However, there are other ways to incentivize employees. Programs like TicketsatWork, Plum Benefits, and Working Advantage let you set up a Rewards & Incentives platform that’ll help you keep your people motivated.

¹ Cigna

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