SHRM23: 5 Exciting Speakers This Year

May 08, 2023


5 Top Speakers We’re Looking Forward To At SHRM23

To remain competitive, today's fast-evolving workplace requires HR professionals and managers to stay abreast of the latest trends, technology, and best practices. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) conference offers the perfect opportunity for HR personnel to keep up with the times.

Every year SHRM assembles thought leaders on issues regarding the workplace and workers. It has over 320,000 members from 165 countries and influences the lives of about 235 million workers and families globally.

SHRM23 is on June 11 - 14 in Las Vegas. The four-day event will feature more than 300 sessions and over 320 speakers on various workplace and workforce management topics.

It is an excellent opportunity for HR professionals to network, grow their careers, and learn everything, including the basics of HR, C-Suite leadership, and the latest trends in human resources.

The packed lineup for this year’s conference boasts exciting speakers who will share their insights on various topics, including strategic HR, diversity and inclusion, leadership and personal growth, and people and talent management.

Every HR professional attending SHRM23 will be treated to a rich lineup of speakers covering vital HR topics. Let's look at some of the top speakers at the event and what we’ll be able to learn from them.

1. Zig Serafin
Zig Serafin is the CEO of Qualtrics and the head of the experience management category, which focuses on improving the four core experiences of an organization: employee, customer, product, and brand.

At SHRM23, Zig will speak at the "Looking Back, Leading Forward" session. He'll share insights on building a destination workplace by understanding the decision-making processes of employees and potential hires.

With the disruption of the normal functioning of organizations due to COVID-19, employees reexamined their relationships with work. They are increasingly scrutinizing payment benefits and work-life boundaries before joining an organization.

For a company to be successful and attract qualified talent, HR personnel, and managers must learn how to align their values with these new employee values.

This session is vital to HR professionals looking for better ways to manage people and opportunities. You'll learn how to increase employee retention rates by listening and responding to their needs.

2. Joan Peterson
Joan Peterson is a facilitator, leadership coach, and vice president of Bluepoint. She has over 25 years of experience helping organizations build high-performing teams and develop successful leaders. Her interactive facilitation style has been recognized as a driving force for team building and organizational transformation.

Joan will be speaking during the "Leading Organizations Through Times of Substantial Change" session, which you can attend online or in person.

Within the last few years, HR managers have had to deal with never-ending change, including:

  • Operating businesses in a virtual environment
  • Changing societal demands and expectations
  • Shifting employee perceptions of work
  • Leading teams in an atmosphere of uncertainty

As an HR professional, you'll benefit from this session by learning how to navigate the challenging process of responding to change.
You'll learn various practical skills and approaches to adapt to the changing world while supporting your teams' growth.

3. Arthur D. Jackson
Arthur D. Jackson is the president and chief consultant at ENPM, Inc. He is a renowned speaker, trainer, coach, counselor, and consultant. Mr. Jackson is certified in Christian Counseling and is a mediator for the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.

He will discuss taking the scare out of performance management during the "Performance Management for Greatness" session. While discussing performance is challenging for most HR managers, it is increasingly essential in today's work environment.

A study of nearly 2000 full-time workers found that the average worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes in an 8-hour work day. Some of the most common unproductive activities that employees spend a lot of time on include reading websites and checking social media.

So, this session is ideal for HR managers struggling with low productivity from teams. Attending this session will teach you how to transform teams into A-game performers. You'll also learn the following:

  • What performance management is and isn't
  • Why most managers avoid performance management
  • Why your performance management tactics are failing

4. Mitch Albom
Mitch Albom is a renowned author, columnist, and radio host. This best-selling author has sold a total of forty million copies of fiction and non-fiction books, written in forty-seven languages. One of his most notable works is Tuesdays with Morrie, a bestselling memoir that was number one on the New York Times Best Sellers list for four years.

Mitch will be speaking about the power of what you carry through life during the Stranger in the Lifeboat session. This session is a must-attend for HR professionals seeking to drive change in the workplace.

One of the most important lessons that you should expect to walk away with is how to weave empathy and perspective together to drive change that resonates with most people in today’s workplace. You’ll also learn everything about life, death, the human connection, and empathy.

Since Mitch’s work resonates with most people around the globe in a number of life’s key issues, you’ll gain a better understanding of how to approach team conflict, collaboration, and communication.

5. Randy Anderson
Randy Anderson is a productivity improvement specialist at E3 Professional Trainers. He is a renowned speaker on ideas and principles for improving your and others' performance.

Randy teaches strategies for transforming your productivity, thinking, and influence. He will discuss maintaining high personal and organizational ethics during the "Essential Elements of Ethics" session.

As a mid-level HR professional, you'll learn the difference between organizational, societal, and personal ethics and how their interplay affects decision-making during ethical situations.

You'll also learn the following:

  • The importance of maintaining a high personal ethical standard if you are to hold others accountable
  • How to identify external factors that affect decision-making during ethical considerations
  • The dos and don'ts of creating a culture of uncompromised ethics

The Bottom Line

Attending the SHRM23 will give you a wealth of knowledge on the latest HR trends and practices. This year's conference is packed with rich content and topics tackled by seasoned speakers.

You can attend the sessions in person or virtually and learn how to up-level your HR game from these industry experts.

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