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The Competitive Edge: How Corporate Discount Programs Boost Employer Branding

July 09, 2024

Standard benefits packages, which include basic health insurance and paid time off, only scratch the surface of what employees expect. By offering relevant, personalized benefits packages, you can more effectively attract and retain talent and increase employee engagement.

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What Voluntary Benefits Attract And Retain Employees?

June 30, 2024

Employee turnover is expensive and impacts the bottom line, not to mention employee morale. Learn the importance of voluntary benefits and how they can be a game-changer in attracting and keeping talented employees.

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How Corporate Discount Programs Boost Morale and Employee Engagement

June 17, 2024

Corporate discount programs can help employees realize that management supports them. Many programs offer discounts on services such as tax preparation, legal services, and credit monitoring. They can also provide discounts on flights, hotels, and tickets to concerts and sporting events. Using these programs to recognize the whole team promotes teamwork, collaboration, and keeps employees engaged.

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How Employee Discount Programs Extend Your Benefits Beyond the Office

June 10, 2024

A solid benefits package is key to retaining employees and ensuring they stay healthy enough to be productive and engaged over the long term. Extending benefits beyond the office also leads to even greater employee satisfaction. One way to extend benefits is through employee discount programs.

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Employee Engagement Ideas: Building Stronger Connections with Your Team

April 16, 2024

This article explores the importance of employee engagement and ways to build better working relationships with employees.

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5 Ways to Embrace a Stronger You During Physical Wellness Month

April 08, 2024

Physical Wellness Month is a great opportunity to check in with your health and well-being. We take a look at the importance of Physical Wellness Month and provide ideas for creating a stronger, healthier you.

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Attract and Retain Top Talent with an Employee Recognition Program

March 18, 2024

With today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent is more crucial than ever. At the heart of this challenge lies the implementation of an effective employee recognition program. As you compete with other companies to attract and retain the best talent, it is imperative to go beyond a strong recognition program. You must also think of ways to make employee recognition more valuable, meaningful, and impactful. In this guide, we will discuss employee recognition programs and how to use them to retain top talent.

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Show Gratitude For Your Staff During Employee Appreciation Month

February 21, 2024

The upcoming Employee Appreciation Month is a great opportunity to show your employees how much you value their hard work. We take a look at the importance of Employee Appreciation Month and provide some ideas for celebrating it.

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Employee Loyalty Program: Better Benefits & Savings With FunLife Rewards

February 18, 2024

FunLife Rewards is a great way to help employees save even more on the savings marketplace and helps businesses attract and retain top talent.

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Shop Early & Save: 8 Stress-Free Holiday Getaways to Book Now

November 10, 2023

Travel light with the top getaways for a stress-free holiday.

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