5 Ways to Embrace a Stronger You During Physical Wellness Month

April 08, 2024

April is Physical Wellness Month, which provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our physical and wellness goals. Working Advantage is here to help you achieve those goals by giving access to employee-only savings and unique benefits to ensure success. Here are five ways to embrace a stronger you during Physical Wellness Month: 1. Take Time to Unwind We want to help kickstart your Physical Wellness Month by suggesting ways to rest and recharge. Building a stronger you can mean taking the time to unwind now and then. With special employee discounts on spa treatments, family getaways, fun-filled activities, and more, you'll feel re-energized in no time. 2. Move Your Body Physical movement can be a great way to improve your overall health. Whether it's walking, weightlifting, or something in between, we encourage you to spend some time moving more this month. However you like to move your body, we're here to help you do more of it with employee deals on gym equipment, memberships, fitness apps, and more. 3. Accessories to Support Your Goals Congratulations, you've committed to moving more! Now what? Discover the top accessories to help you reach your physical goals. From fitness watches to workout gear, music subscriptions, and more, partner with Working Advantage for employee offers on the best physical wellness support. You deserve to have all the tools for your health growth. 4. Nutrient-Packed Meal Planning Physical fitness isn't the only focus of Physical Wellness Month. Creating healthy habits around meals is another excellent way to improve how we feel. Meal planning can play a huge part in our healthy eating success. Let us help you achieve your goal with savings of over 50% on popular meal service options like HelloFresh, Good Chop, Every Plate, Blue Apron, and many more. Plus, find discounts on restaurants, snacks, and more ways to eat well. 5. Support Your Mental Health Work out your mind as well as your body this April with tools for better mental health. During Physical Wellness Month, we encourage you to prioritize your mental health, as well as physical health. With special employee discounts on professional online therapy, mindfulness, and more, you can strengthen your mind for an overall stronger you.
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